In the line with the vision of supplementing the income of milk producers, ABRO has taken up research base pilot project demonstrating crucial role of bees in growth of fodder crops i.e maize, bajra, Jowar, etc. for milking animals. In the process the farmers get sweet honey that can be monetized to enhance income and raise their living standards.

At our farm we extract the raw honey and other bees product from the apiary to provide the nutritional bees product to the people. Raw honey and bees products are one of the oldest products known to mankind and are still relevant after thousands of years. This is because of high nutritional value and miraculous healing properties. Our scientific beekeeping have chosen to offer the raw honey as the raw honey has more medicinal advantages. Raw honey is not usually accessible in the shops. In this way, many individuals are missing enhance to taste raw honey and to have more health benefits.

Additionally, we also do the manufacturing of the value added products such as bee wax cream, beeswax soap, bees wax candle etc. These bees' value added products are manufactured under the hygienic condition by our scientific expertise who have completed Doctoral Degrees in the field of entomology and have vast experience from Israel and Germany.


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