About Us

Animal Breeding Centre (ABC) was established at Salon, in Rae Bareli district of Uttar Pradesh in April 1988 by NDDB with the objective to improve the genetic merit of animals throuh the introduction of superior germplasm, and increase the yield of dairy animals, across the country. Hundred pure Holstein-Friesian (HF) pregnant heifers gifted by her Royal Highness Princess Irene of Greece to the then Prime Minister of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi served as the nucleus herd and flagged off ABC’s journey. About 130 pure HF pregnant heifers were also procured under the Indo-German bilateral assistance. The herd was multipled scientifically through Airtiifical Insemination using the best genetics and Embryo Transfer techniques. The male calves produced were supplied to various semen stations in the country.

In response to the growing demand of high quaity semen in the country, a semen production station was established at ABC in the year 1993. Subsequently in order to firm up the bio-security at the semen station the bull mother farm was wound up.

Today, with its own semen production station, semen processing laboratory, semen quality control laboratory, feed manufacturing plant, biogas plant and a highly mechanized fodder farm, Animal Breeding Centre has evolved as a Centre of Excellence in animal breeding and fodder production in the country.